How Do You Introduce Your Research Work?

Have you ever been given research work to do in school? What was your chance of getting an excellent grade with the outcome of your research? I guess I can read your mind now. You see, having a high score in research work is very easy.

Statistics have shown that lecturers prefer to give their students research work in the middle of the semester or when it's winding down so that they can monitor and know how well the student can relate to the study. Lecturers often grade the research work about 20-30% of the student’s total grade of the semester and strictly give rules and guidelines for the students to follow.

The very first thing that guarantees your smooth writing in research work is the way you start. There are no shortcuts to have your readers read your work to the end and enjoy every bit of it. It all lies in the strength of your introduction.

Build a better communication skill, evaluate scientific methods, and allow your knowledge of the subject to be evident. It also helps if you have excellent writing prowess, make sure to have researched the work properly, follow the format given by the tutor, and analyze your work technically with a correct grammatical structure.

Your ability to convey correct information is solely dependent on how much data you have with you. Research thoroughly everything related to the topic and subject you are doing. This is the beginning of your successful landing in writing your research work. It makes your job easier.

Another way to have excellent writing is by giving the research work out to writers to do for you. This might be lazy and not add much value to you, but it will save you time for other things needed and will require your pay in cash.

 How do you start the introduction?

Your entire work should include the introduction, body, and conclusion. Your introduction determines the strength of your body and makes you end strongly. Remember this is not just a casual assignment it requires more effort. Do not hesitate to check online for ideas that can help you build a good introduction and a perfect body of your work.

  • Remember that your work must be as flawless as possible. In case you don't have a topic yet, choose one carefully and understand it thoroughly. Make sure you are succinct, carry the audience along, and write excellent words.
  • Your introduction should contain information that is not so common to find. That is, it should identify the problem and assure a solution in it. This will make the listener anticipate what next in the write-up.
  • A short theory should be added to your work to make your readers curious.
  • Be yourself and make the work your work. It will be exciting to begin your introduction with a question or a quote.

In other words, your introduction determines the totality of your essay. Keep it simple yet educational.

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