Research is key

The more knowledge you know, the easier it is to sit back and type. Regardless of the topic/subject, if you can repeat the knowledge verbatim, you can write it on paper with your own thoughts/opinions. When you already have the information that you need to articulate and convey on paper memorized, not only will it be a strong paper, but it will cut your writing time down drastically.

Find information

A strong written paper requires information that can easily be defended without hesitation. Your paper can be constructed in the form of agreeing or disagreeing to the specific topic/subject. The best thing that you can do is make sure that you follow regular guidelines of compare and contrast fashion or in agreement.

Practice your typing speed

Practically every research paper is now completed electronically. With that in mind, practice on your typing skills. If you can write 100+ words a minute, then you will be sitting in a pretty comfortable position when writing your paper. There are a variety of programs available that you can utilize at your discretion to enhance your typing speed.

tutorials & tips

General instructions for writing a strong research paper in no time