American Government Research Paper Topics for College Students

When selecting a research topic in college, one must come up with a topic that is focused on one facet of the subject. The chosen topic does not state a generalization. The topic must be narrowed down and neatly fit into a specific niche.

The following lists several expert-selected American government research paper topics at the college level that reflect this. A generalized topic is given and is then followed with two or three examples of a drilled-down, narrowed topic.

American Government Research Topics in Early History

  • The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 stated that Native Americans be treated with good faith. Did the American government adhere to the ordinance?
  • What did the Salem Witch Trials of the 1600’s tell us about the American government’s views on freedom of religion?

American Government Research Paper Topics Regarding the Constitution

  • The first amendment states that an American citizen has the freedom of speech. Is this true in relationship to current censorship?
  • The second amendment states that the American people have the right to bear arms. Is this relevant today with the up rise of public shootings in schools.
  • The nineteenth amendment gave women the right to vote. What effect did this have on each household unit?

American Government Research Paper Topics in the 1900’s

  • How did the American economy affect the working, middle-class during the first year of prohibition?
  • How did World War II help the American economy in the first years that followed?
  • World War II put many women to work. How did employing women during WWII affect local economies?

American Government Research Paper Topics for Current Affairs

  • The department of homeland security was created as a result of 911. More than a decade later, can we say we are safer as a nation with the creation of this department?
  • To many other countries, the American government is seen as being relaxed with illegal immigrants coming into the country. Should illegal immigration laws and practices be tightened?
  • Poor practices of Monsanto have been exposed. Should the American government become more involved in food quality and source at the national level?

The above examples give excellent expert-selected American government topics for research papers. Now that you have reviewed these examples, you should be on your way to successfully come up with your own American government research paper topic and get my paper done. The key is to stay focused and see how far you can drill down your chosen topic.

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