Guidelines For Writing An APA Format Research Paper Cover Page

Although composing a cover page of your research paper seems to be the easiest part of the whole work, you should still pay enough attention to it. Exactly because it’s an easy job to create it, a cover page should look perfect. Any small mistakes will leave an impression of the poorly performed work and may significantly spoil your presentation.

Main Things to Keep in Mind When Composing a Cover Page for Your Research Paper

  • Locate the text properly.
  • Your title should be typed halfway down the page, centered and capitalized according to the main APA style requirements. Personal details are centered as well and placed at the bottom of the page.

  • Include the necessary information.
  • A cover page in APA format includes the following data: a full title of your research paper, a running head, your name, your professor’s name, a name of your institution, and a date of submission.

  • Don’t forget about a running head.
  • A running head in APA format is a shortened version of the title written in the upper left corner of a page in capital letters. You should place in on each page of your work, including a cover page.

  • Number your cover page.
  • APA writing style implies numbering of a cover page, thus, it will be a page number one. A page number in placed in an upper right corner.

  • Use the appropriate font.
  • Academic papers of APA format are written in Times New Roman font of 12 pt size. However, for a cover page, a larger font size is used sometimes. It’s better to check the exact requirements for your type of paper with your professor.

Additional Tips on Creating a Flawless APA Format Cover Page

As mentioned above, you should stay highly concentrated while creating your custom dissertation cover page. It’s a good idea to proofread it for grammar mistakes several times. Maybe, you can ask a friend to give your work a fresh glance for this purpose. Moreover, don’t forget to print your work on the appropriate type of paper only as it also matters.

In addition to following general APA format rules, you should adhere to all special requirements provided by your department. For example, sometimes you have to mention the level of your academic paper in personal details on a cover page but it’s not compulsory in all institutions. Make sure in advance that all additional requirements are absolutely clear to you in order not to miss anything and to avoid unnecessary corrections in future.

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