How To Write The Essential Parts Of A Research Paper

A research paper is a special kind of writing style that presents your research project, analyzes its outcomes, and makes it interesting to the readers. In academic writing, it is important to include all of the essential parts of the assignment in the right order. In other words, you should structure your work properly by starting with general information and becoming more specific as you provide a study question and your study hypothesis.

If you want to compose a solid assignment, follow these simple suggestions on how to write the essential parts of a research paper:

  1. Write an abstract after the work is completed.
  2. The abstract should include the general topic of the research paper, your main study question, a brief description of your methodology, the results, and a discussion.

  3. Set down the direction of the assignment in the introduction.
  4. This section should present the research problem, lay out what you are going to write about further, and state your own position.

  5. Keep the methodology section concise.
  6. Another researcher should be able to replicate your study, so make sure to provide the exact design and methodology used to obtain the results, including any limitations that may apply.

  7. Fully present the obtained results.
  8. Although a presentation of qualitative results differs from one with quantitative findings, you should link them by providing your comments and analysis.

  9. Discuss your findings.
  10. The discussion is an essential part of your work. It should elaborate your results, explain what you found, and provide your own interpretations.

  11. Tie your findings with previous research in the conclusion.
  12. In the conclusion, you should highlight important details related to your findings and in further discussion, emphasize the importance of the results and explain how it is relevant to the previous research in the field.

  13. Cite all of the sources and compose a complete list of references.
  14. No academic assignment is complete without a list of references that should include the sources that you used in order to finish your research. Make sure to format it according to the requirements of your professor.

  15. Consider including some tables and graphs in the appendix.
  16. If you have plenty of numerical results, it is a good idea to leave them in the appendix where interested researchers can check them.

The aforementioned short suggestions will help you write all of the essential parts of your research paper. If you need any further information, do not hesitate to get a writing manual with examples or consult your professor or professional writers who work for companies like WritingJobz.

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