Ideas on Topics for Research Paper in 2020

Writing your research paper may be somewhat puzzling, but a necessary stepping stone for students’ academic journeys. Most subjects require students to write, at the minimum, one paper each semester. These research projects, however, demand a lot of effort and time to complete.

Remember the following guidelines when choosing a topic:

  • Your field of interest.
  • Make your topic clear.
  • Be specific and precise.
  • Be innovative.

However, to minimize the time you will have to spend over choosing a suitable topic for your paper, the following is a list of titles you can choose from different disciplines.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Present the facts in a manner indicating that you’ve mastered and understood the topic. Build a strong introductory and conclusion paragraphs. Here are some examples of good topics.

  • Who is to blame for homelessness?
  • Minimum wage: is it too high?
  • Is there a need for shorter working weeks?
  • What’s the perfect age for the legal consumption of alcohol?
  • Athletes: are they good role models?

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Persuading a reader often aims at letting them see the other side of whatever topic you are writing about. It aims at shaking their emotions and possibly has a change of heart.

  • Parents should keep track of the sites their kids visit.
  • It’s wrong to use animals for experimental purposes.
  • Rising domestic gender violence
  • Kid’s exposure to media: are parental controls effective?
  • The USA should have a non-involvement policy in global conflicts.
  • Present cybercrime rates and why they will increase

Controversial Research Paper Topics

  • Child adoption by gay partners.
  • Surrogate mothers and how the world views them
  • Media content and violence.
  • Sex ed in middle school.
  • STEM subjects and making them mandatory.
  • Banning homework

Best Research Paper Topics

  • Does college education conform to the job market?
  • How has marriage as an institution changed over time?
  • Should higher learning institutions be faith-based?
  • Ethics and controlling bad behavior in the business environment
  • What are the health benefits that come with parenting and childbearing?
  • Is there any difference between a woman’s and a man’s heart?
  • What is the next big thing in infrastructure and technological terms?
  • What’s the effect of the sun’s radiation on earth?
  • Effects of terrorism on businesses.
  • Is it reasonable to allow licensed gun owners to carry their firearms to school?
  • What are the causes and prevention of data rape?
  • Ex-convicts and re-accepting them into the community
  • Universities are turning into business-driven institutions: why?
  • What’s the non-bias basis of promotion in the workplace: degree, performance evaluation, or seniority?
  • Should women take part in extreme sports?
  • Search Engine Optimization and the impacts it has on businesses today
  • How is feminism changing society in modern America?

High School Topics for Research Papers

  • Should it be legal to use smartphones in the classroom for high school students?
  • Exploring Plato’s mathematical philosophy
  • Leadership training for high school students
  • What are high schools doing to harness their student’s debating skills?
  • Gender balance and bias in senior high school.

College Research Paper Topics

  • Pre-election and its effects on voter’s conduct
  • Menstruation and its effects on young girls
  • Explore the construction and design of thermal plants worldwide.
  • Substance abuse and behavioral effects among college kids
  • Discuss the college tuition plan.
  • Factual pieces of evidence about the origin of AIDS


After choosing your research topic, be sure to carry out extensive research. Be confident when writing your arguments on your paper. The above research paper topic ideas will give you a good guideline when writing your paper. All the best.

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