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Donnie Burns MBE

The WDC is the world authority for professional Dance and Dance Sport incorporating the World Dance Sport Committee and the World Social Dance Committee.

The WDC is committed to their goal of encouraging and promoting dance through its broad world membership. Furthermore, the WDC is also committed to promoting dance by taking a more commercialised approach to running the World Championship Title events. Involving sponsors in these events and attracting multi-media to share this exciting and fast growing sport, (as evidenced by movie and television hit sensations), will serve to benefit and encourage participating professional dancers and involve others.

The site has been specifically divided into three sections, (General Council, Dance Sport and Social Dance), to help you go straight to the section you are looking for.

In the meantime allow me to wish you "Happy Dancing" where ever you may be in the world.

Donnie Burns MBE

Farewell Champ !

The world of Ballroom Dancing said goodbye to its "champion" Bill Irvine MBE (ICBD President 1980-1982) on Thursday 21st February at the St. Leonards Church, London.

The Service, lead by Officiating Minister: Rev.Mandy Hodgson, was followed by dancers and friends from Europe, Asia and North America.

Oliver Wessel-Therhorn presented an excellent Eulogy of Bill Irvine's life from the beginning in Kilsyth, Scotland, which was honoured by spontaneous applaus from an emotional congregation.

Bill Irvine MBE (WDC Honorary President), a man of positive ilk who never allowed a negative emotion to influence his ideals wished to be remembered as follows:

Remember me with smiles and laughter
That's how I remember you all
If you can only remember me with tears
Then don't remember me at all.

With this ideal in mind the "Wake" that followed in the Starlight Studios generated an atmosphere as Bill would have wished with toasts of champagne, a special redition of "That's why Bill Irvine was our Champ" by Oliver Wessel-Therhorn and light conversation.

WDC Policy in Germany

The World Dance Council President, Mr. Donnie Burns MBE and President of the DTV Mr. Franz Allert gave their signatures to a memorandum of agreement between both parties, and wish to confirm that the entire agreement remains completely valid and in force.

The last two years will be viewed by many all over the world of dance as regrettable in relation to restrictions and political manoeuvring in certain areas, none appearing to have the good of dancers at heart.

For the avoidance of any doubt,


Since May the WDC Amateur League has been growing and growing.

The Amateur League has now over 40 member countries with over 55 member-organisations. Thousands and thousands of registered supporters.

Since May the WDC AL has been growing and growing. Our people are working very hard to bring the necessary structures in view and before the end of this year, the WDC AL will be in full operation.

It is amazing, even for us,


Unstoppable Freedom!

In the civil court, The Hague, Netherlands, under the jurisdiction of Judge Mrs. J.M. Willink, the IDSF member, NADB, confirmed, in a humiliating climb-down, what we have all known for a very long time.

In the case of Neil Jones (competitor and Dutch Champion) vs. NADB (IDSF member Federation for Netherlands, one of the several Dutch Amateur Federations), the court learned that there was "No case to answer " due to the fact that, in a seemingly reluctant and humiliating climb-down only days before the trial, (which had preambled for several months), the NADB now gave a court pledge that, contrary to several months` advice to the opposite,

"NADB will not punish nor ban or prevent her athletes from participating at the Dutch Open 2007"


WDC Amateur Dance Commission

The Dance Sport Executive Board of the World Dance Council is delighted to announce the formation of the Amateur Dance Commission.

This Commission will have the responsibility of dealing with all matters relating to the new WDC Amateur League. The commission will be entitled to a seat on the Dance Sport Executive Board with the equivalent voting rights of the Coaches and Competitors Commissions.


Launch of WDC Amateur League

WDC Amateur League launched with combined prize-money of over 700,000 US Dollars in Asia alone!!!

Following the acceptance of a proposal from Canada on their Annual General Meeting, the WDC has formed a new Amateur League in support of the wishes of her members and according to the principals of the open market.

The slogan is:
"Zero politics - All the finest events".

WDC and the Open Market.

I have today written to Mr. Carlos Freitag, President of the International Dance Sport Federation, a copy of which is enclosed with this Press Release.

Whilst many responsible and moderate people within the Dance Sport world will have viewed the recent belligerence and tone of IDSF press statements with dismay and understandable concern for the future, the World Dance Council remains committed to a dignified positioning and reasonable and moderate political position in support of freedom for all in the Dance Sport community.

It is this politic which has kept the WDC and the stakeholders of the prestigious and major Dance Sport events in harmony, in support of the World Series and the open market, whilst radicals on the IDSF side have isolated themselves from the mainstream. ....more

To: Mr. Carlos Freitag, President of the International Dance Sport Federation

We at the World Dance Council have been considering very carefully how best to look after the long-term interest of our members professional judges, dancers and teachers many of whom earn their living through dance. Their overriding concern is to ensure that they can pursue their careers, free from any unfair restraint. Our priority, therefore, has to be to promote a well-managed and dynamic environment in which they can do this. It is clear that continual and unproductive disputes with your organisation can only distract from this aim. ....more

Racism - IDSF and IOC - Presidium, W.D.C. Ltd.

There have been many decades of relationship between the World Dance Council (formally ICBD) and the International Dance Sport Federation (formally ICAD). True there have been problem areas and in general certain countries have proven to be in themselves, problematic but nonetheless, through the joint committee which was unilaterally disbanded by IDSF, it was possible to govern relatively harmonious relations in the Dance world by and large. ....more

IDSF (Italy) Fails in Italian Court Case - Company Secretary, W.D.C. Ltd.

The World Dance Council (WDC), of London, England - the only worldwide accepted body representing Professional Dance and Dance Sport, advises that one of its constituent body's was suddenly sued in the Court of Modena, Italy on Friday, 2nd February 2007 by the IDSF member.

The IDSF member asked for an Italian Court order ("injunction") to stop the planned Italian Championships on 3rd & 4th February 2007.

The IDSF members lawyers argued that these championships were being planned unlawfully, basing arguments on previous claims by the President of their member body in Italy, that the IDSF through their Olympic recognition, had sole rights and that implementation of World Anti-Doping measures were not being enforced. The same President is even on record as having insisted that "in Italian Olympic Sports law the word `Professional` is illegal". ....more

Open letter to IDSF from Rudi Trautz (WDC Honorary Vice-President)

Dear Mr. President,
Ladies and Gentleman,

I am, as I think most people in the Danceworld, very unhappy about the situation we are facing. And, I am not happy about the actions and decisions that are taken from the Presidium of IDSF and WDC.

We are now facing court cases initiated from both sides and we are right in the middle of a very unnecessary and damaging war.

I appeal to both sides STOP THIS MADNESS! Stop it at once!....more

Unprecedented Government, Political Recognition & Support

Dancers from around the World will be in Buenos Aires at this exciting new event.

With well over 100 dancers from the USA along with competitors from 12 other countries; (50 people from South Africa and another 50 from Japan alone!), participants including 18 from Argentina and Chile, will participate in this ground breaking First Official WDC World Pro-Am Championship.

This event has united the Pro-Am dance world.....more

Gerd Weissenberg replies to Rudi Trautz

Dear Rudi,

Reading your letter to Donnie Burns and Fred Bijster I was very surprised. It seemed to assume that Donnie and Fred took a single-handed decision, to disqualify the IDSF-judges from adjudicating at the WDC European and World Championships.

Your expertise as an official in various WDC committees is by far great enough to know, that these committees have taken this decision in a democratic way. For many years the presidents of the 45 nations demanded stronger countermeasures, because the IDSF often constricted or even boycotted their work in their own countries. ....more

Open Letter from Karl Breuer (WDC Honorary President)

Mr. President,
dear Carlos.

Since the IDSF General Meeting in Wels, Austria, I have remained silent for a long time - perhaps too long. The development from the GOC 2006 to a pitiful pseudo-World Championship for Professionals in Madrid January 2007 cannot and should not remain without comment any longer.....more

Arrangement with the Walt Disney Company

World Promotions (Holdings) Inc. announces that it has entered into an arrangement with the Walt Disney Company as a Ballroom Talent provider. World Promotions is responsible for locating contracting and providing Professional Dance Couples from our very talented "Dance World" for Disney. The agreement was finalised on 29th November 2006 and Disney hired the first Ballroom show couple for a Disney Event on 1st December 2006.....more

The Competitors' Commission

This organisation, and the top couples in the world, agrees that no Professional Competitor should dance in this event..........more

Suspension of WDC Member in Italy

The WDC Presidium hereby announces that the Membership of the Consiglio Italiano Dansa Sportiva (CIDS), for Italy, to the World Dance Council Ltd will be suspended from 1st January 2007.....more

"The situation of an unelected radical tail waiving the IDSF dog..."
The WDC Competitors Commission in June, free of pressure or interference, voted unanimously NOT to support the IDSF Italian members alleged "Professional" events. In so doing, the Professional competitors have demonstrated exemplary loyalty to the WDC and the profession, and we in turn are honour bound to protect them, and their efforts and assets, together with our own....more

Freedom of Choice and Professional World Championships
Life is so easy if someone else does all the thinking!

In many parts of the world dictatorial regimes save the masses from the pain of thinking themselves and decide over their daily activities and future. In an ideal world this would be the best system; an honest and responsible regime that does all that for all of us.
Still strangely enough most people prefer a different system, where they are free to make their own decisions; where to go and what to do.....more

Appeal to those responsible
The organisation of World and European championships has a long history.

Ever since the official establishment of the World Dance Council (before I.C.B.D.) and the I.D.S.F. (before I.C.A.D.) the respective titles have gained prestige all over the world. Over the years both the amateur and professional titles are now perceived as "genuine" and recognised and respected throughout the entire danceworld. This thanks to the efforts of both WDC and IDSF.....more

Greetings to Dancers Worldwide
Our mission is to promote and encourage dancing at every level worldwide.

Whether you are a competitor, teacher, studio owner, promoter or entrepreneur - we are here to serve and help you! Last year we employed the services of one of the World's largest market research companies to try and find out where our industry was headed. Their report concluded that Social Dancing and Competitive Dancing is on the precipice of global recognition and endorsement as a preferred activity of the public at large. Certainly the success of dancing television shows and movies would endorse this. In the light of that report, earlier this year, the WDC began a Public Relations campaign to make us accessible to our members and their members worldwide.
Associated Press, Bloomberg and Reuters wire services accept our Press Releases and you will often see them in your national newspapers.  ....more

The World Dance & Dance Sport Council, formerly International Council of Ballroom Dancing (ICBD) on the occasion of its Annual General Meeting in Blackpool on 1st June 2006 formally evolved to a title-change for only the third time in over 50 years of history.
The membership unanimously approved the Presidium recommendation to change its name to that of World Dance Council (WDC).
The last 18 months have seen phenomenal growth and interest in the World Dance Council. The Presidium and General Council have received more applications for membership, especially affiliate membership, than at any time in the last 56 years!  ....more